LifeLab 2018 - Past Peterborough events

LifeLab offers exciting opportunities to explore and have fun, from the mini world of microbes to getting hands-on with lab kit and from games to chats about careers in science. We guarantee there’s something for everyone, whatever you’re in to!

Below you’ll find some LifeLab events from September 2018. Many more exciting events are planned for 27th & 28th September 2019. Simply click ’read more’ for details of each event, and sign-up to be updated when our 2019 programme is ready. Find out more about events in Ely or Cambridge too.

Friday 28 & Saturday 29 September | Fri noon–6pm / Sat 10am–6pm | Drop-in, Hands-on, Talk | All | Free

We’re bringing Cathedral Square to life with the exciting science and technology happening in our region. We’ll have something for everyone with shows, games and entertainment. Hear about stem cells, ageing, proteins and ethics. Through all this we’ll also be highlighting the fantastic bioscience jobs our county has to offer. 

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Friday 28 & Saturday 29 September | Fri noon–6pm / Sat 10am–6pm | Drop-in, Hands-on | All | Free

We’re turning Queensgate Centre into a lab for the day! Come and explore real hands-on science with our friendly scientists. We’ll be extracting DNA and marvelling over microbes. Visitors will have the chance to do exciting experiments and get to grips with fantastic microscopes.

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