Adventure Lab
LifeLab event - Adventure Lab (Peterborough)

Friday 28 & Saturday 29 September | Fri noon–6pm / Sat 10am–6pm | Drop-in, Hands-on | All | Free

We’re turning Queensgate Centre into a lab for the day! Come and explore real hands-on science with our friendly scientists. We’ll be extracting DNA and marvelling over microbes. Visitors will have the chance to do exciting experiments and get to grips with fantastic microscopes.

Venue: Queensgate Shopping Centre

Location: Long Causeway, PE1 1NT

Date: Friday 28 & Saturday 29 September

Time: Fri noon–6pm / Sat 10am–6pm

Age: All

Event Type: Drop-in, Hands-on

Cost: Free

Booking info: No booking required

Pop on a lab coat, grab some goggles, and get stuck into some science. Join our LifeLab team as they walk you through some extraordinary experiments. Extract your own DNA and see how easy it is to read a genetic instruction manual. Find out about how the technology has progressed and how this exciting field is looking to build on the work of Peterborough’s own Edith Cavell during the great war to impact on modern healthcare today.

Once you’ve done all that, move on to slightly bigger things! Grab a microscope and experience the rarely seen view of the microscopic world around us. See what some of the world’s most impactful parasites really look like and how these marvellous creatures have adapted to life inside other creatures.