European Researcher’s Night is coming to Cambridgeshire!

European Researcher’s Night is coming to Cambridgeshire!

*Please note that this article refers to LifeLab 2018 events*

Since 2016 European Researcher’s Night has been hosted in countries throughout Europe. For 2018 and 2019, Cambridgeshire will have their own Night called LifeLab, which brings researchers and the community closer together, shows how local research influences everyone’s lives and celebrates career opportunities in science.

Back in January 2018, five local institutes (Wellcome Genome Campus, European Molecular Biology Laboratory European Bioinformatics Institute, the Babraham Institute, University of Cambridge and the Medical Research Council Laboratory for Molecular Biology) came together to discuss how a potential European Researcher’s Night in Cambridgeshire could look and LifeLab was born! Jointly they applied for funding from the European Commission. Once funding was secured the real challenge started; how do you turn over 40 pages of grant application into actual events?

One of the aims of LifeLab is to be different from other science festivals and events in the area and provide opportunities and events that brings science to the public. For the team this means challenging our status quo and seizing the opportunity to try something different. Would it be possible to rebuild a laboratory in a shopping centre? Is it possible to unravel some science history? Could puppets show how exciting research can be? Is research funny? Join us at LifeLab to find out!

The team has created a diverse programme in Cambridge and Peterborough with something for everyone. There are hands-on science activities for families and adults, movie screenings of Zootropolis and the Martian, panel discussions, story reading, guided tours and much more. My favourite is Kidology; based on the 80s gameshow Child’s Play, where scientists will dive into unfamiliar territory as they try to discover what objects the kids describe to them. Some events require booking in advance, so choose your favourite(s), plan and book your LifeLab experience now!